Rick RocketRick Rocket

A hero, through and through. That’s Rick Rocket. Not by virtue, but by blood. The youngest descendant of a legendary clan of adventurers has guts, courage and derring-do pumping through his veins at the speed of light.

Not literally, that would be weird.

Sadly though, this special brand of heroism comes with a high price tag. Rick’s careless life style has become the stuff of legend throughout the galaxy. At least, when there’s people left to tell of it. But why has Rick become so reckless? Whatever changed him, there has to be more to this story.

Maybe, just maybe the solution lies with his missing family. Whatever happened to his father, Roger, and his brother, Randy, might be the missing piece of the puzzle. Let’s hope he finds it, before it’s too late …

Find out more in the “Rocket Files“.


Megan MitchellMegan

Movies are her everything. Even when she was just a little girl, Megan Mitchell was convinced she’d one day change the world with the power of her camera.

And a good old cup of coffee. Sometimes tea.
Well, and talent, gaffer tape … and a hearty catering.

Anyway, the point is: Megan wanted to change the world. Rising to top of the class at renowned film academy Tinselworld wasn’t hard, realizing the big gap between theory and practice, however, was. Somewhere out there a different fate was waiting for Megan. Something, she had yet to find. Something she had to prove. And maybe even something, she’d rather keep secret …

One day Megan was, once again, hoping for a sign from above, when suddenly a rickety rocketship was crashing right into her life with a thundering, booming noise. What used to be a boring old campus had become a scene of destruction right before her eyes. But this time, it wasn’t part of a film. Now, Megan was part of the story …


Barrie BaleBarrie Bale

“Let’s not talk about the trial, okay?”

Barrie Bale has only one rule, and this is it. Not too lang ago, Barrie used to be the rising star of the esteemed law firm “Bail Barristers”. Nowadays however, the failed attorney hardly scrapes by, trying to earn a crust by working as the right hand man of his childhood friend Rick Rocket. Although, considering the Rocket crew’s dire financial situation, even a mouldy crust of bread looks a luxury meal.

Every day is an epic, unforgiving crash landing for Barrie Bale. Each morning, the screaming face of failure stares at him from the mirror. Blankly. Unforgiving. Resentful.

So, occasionally, Barrie appears less than cheerful. But he’s still hanging in, because one day he will restore his reputation and rise back to the top of his profession. Oh yes, he will. You’ll see …


ReevesPelham G. Reeves

His reputation preceeds him. In the service industry, almost every trade paper, from the much lauded Butler Times, up to magazines like Vanity Valet and even the notorious Playbutler has featured Pelham G. Reeves in some capacity. Reeves got a lot of laurels, and he certainly wasn’t resting on them. Whatever Reeves wanted to do with his career, he could have done it. Billionaires, kings, even dictators were competing for Reeves’ favour.

So, why exactly did he settle for a job as the resident house- and shipmaster of the Rockets, an increasingly obscure clan of adventurers? Nobody knows. But this much is certain: Even the horrific death of patriarch Roger and the subsequent disappearance of favourite son Randy didn’t change his loyalty and commitment even one iota.

Going on twenty years now, Reeves has been serving young “Master Rick” help, advice, and last resorts on a silver platter. Reeves is, without a shred of a doubt, an enigma. Strange phenomena seem to follow him, whereever he goes. But at some point, even the best trapeze artist will trip up …