Adventurer. Daredevil. Philatelist. Rick Rocket is a man of thousand faces. But what’s the truth lurking behind this purty pixel quiff? Some newspaper clippings, collected by the Intergalactic Police (InterGal) shed more light on the mystery.


Entry 1:

Roger Rocket rescues RastaMundus
By a hair’s breadth, popular adventurer Roger Rocket managed to save the peaceful Reggae planet of RastaMundus from certain doom today, by stopping the latest invasion attempt of infamous space baddie “The Wigmaster”. “That guy never lets his hair down”, says Roger (48), while posing heroically. “Once the Wigmaster targets your planet, you can kiss your hide goodbye”.

Lately, numerous critics have been ragging on Roger mercilessly (consult our feature “Ragtime in space” for more information). “I have been criticized for being past it … but ever since my sons Randy and Rick have joined the family biz, things have been on upward trajectory like you won’t believe!

“We didn’t actually try to blow the Wigmaster’s fleet to smithereens …” tells Randy (13). “Daddy wanted to teach Rick about steering the Rocket … one thing led to anohter … next thing I remember … screaming people … crashing spaceships … and suddenly, people celebrate us as their saviours.”

“Planned it. Every single detail!” Roger replies with a cheeky, boyish smile. It’s currently unknow when or if Rick (8) will be released from custody.


Entry 2:

Randy Rocket roasts Raspataurus
He is the new shooting star among adventurers. Randy Rocket (21) has managed to relaunch his family’s flailing business at the speed of light. Ever since the mysterious death of patriarch Roger, things had been quite for the once prolific clan of daredevils. That’s going to change, however. With his overhauled spaceship, a special serving of good, old-fashioned heroism, and a smile to die for, Randy has been launching the Rocket family back into the stratosphere.

“My brother, our butler and me will do anything, to avenge Roger!” Randy announces with a conviction bordering on scary. “Whoever dares to cross us, will rue the day!” Space monster Raspataurs agrees with an exasparated smile. “So, I hunt after, like, a couple of civilian ships, right? And suddenly, young Mr Rocket zaps me with a broadside. I mean … HOW rude can ya’ be?”

This much is for sure: The Rocket clan’s new generation is one to look out for!


Entry 3:

Rick Rocket: Racing runt
Rick Rocket (24) the black sheep of a formerly popular family of heroes, was caught exceeding the speed limit for Rocket ships earlier today. “Bah. This hasn’t been the first ticket, I have dumped …” Rocket replies to our erstwhile reporter.

It’s been rumoured, that Rocket is currently trying to reestablish the family brandname by assembling a new crew. Family butler Pelham G. Reeves is already, in every sense of the word, on board. More vacancies will supposedly be filled shortly.

Rocket! A name, that symbolizes tradition … old fashioned family values and derring-do! Adventure experts throughout the galaxy agree, that Rocket will have a hard time to get a second renaissance for his family off the ground. Ever since the mysterious death of father Roger and the strange disappearance of family heir Randy, just a couple of years later, the Rocket’s have been on a steady downwoard slope. A Rocket clan consisting of outsiders? This plan has failure written all over it! In Capitals!