Marius Fietzek (Co-Writer/Artist)
I wonder what happens … if you are a fan of flashfilm artist Marius “Majus” Fietzek, you might have asked yourself this question recently. Ever since his internship in sunny San Francisco ended, no new projects had been announced. And now, we know the reason.  Behind the scenes, Majus has been working on his new webcomic, Rocketmen. An ambitious new piece of work, hopefully enabling him to juggle his freelance jobs and studies at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg, while still creating something on his own. So, let’s get this show started!

Peter Clausen (Co-Writer/Editor)
Games, mangas, magazines … Peter Clausen has had his fingers in pretty much every pie (not literally, that would be hideous). So far, however, he ha hasn’t had the chance to develop a comic strip from the ground up. Well, until now, that is. With Rocketmen, Peter hopes to finally find a justification for the countless years, he’s wasted on … educating himself on … TV, comics, and video games. Let’s see how it pans out!