Done and dusted!

And … scene! Episode 1 is complete, and our character introductions are out of the way. To celebrate the occcasion, we have written a little character background for Rick. As usual, you can find it in our section “The Crew“.

So, yeah. This is the end of the beginning. We have also done a lot of seeding and planting for future stories. So, now our question is: How did you like the first chapter? We are looking forward to your feedback and comments. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please don’t hesitate to reread the episode. Now that you know the full story, you might pick up on a lot of little details you may have missed on first read. That’s our hope, at least.

But the show must go on, and go on it will. Pretty soon, actually. We are currently knee deep in our prep work for Episode 2 and we should start up the second chapter in just a couple of weeks. Until then, however, we will never be far away. In just a couple of days, you will see the first strip in a little spin off. This strip will be less epic than the main story, and will mainly focus on a bit of light comedy. So, hopefully, it should give us a bit of a breather.

We’ll be back in full swing in about 2 – 4 weeks. Until then, however, we will do our best to keep you entertained in a different way.

See you guys soon!

Majus & Peter